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Our houses consist of two independent cottages built of stone and wood, as marks the traditional architecture of Valle de Tobalina, so you can enjoy a welcoming and quiet stay in the village of Quintana María, just 5 minutes by car from Frias, the medieval city. From our location, you can discover the region of Las Merindades, (Burgos), medieval villages full of history, and enjoy the wildlife and vegetation walking the marked trails that run through the Montes Obarenses. Our houses are qualified with three green stars, and have registration number C.R.A.-BU-91 and C.R.A.-BU-209.

el horno I

El Horno I

The rural accommodation El Horno is located in Quintana Maria, just 5 minute by car from the medieval city of Frias, considered one of the most beautiful villages in Spain.
  • 4 beedrooms
  • 8 people
el horno II

El Horno II

Our cottage El Horno II is on the way to the Necropolis of Quintana Maria, and from here you can arrive in five minutes by car to the medieval city of Frias.
  • 3 beedrooms
  • 6 people